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As microblading has become more and more important for us when it comes to the procedures we offer we also decided to make it easier for you to access the information regarding that new and exciting brow design technique. Keep an eye on this - this section is growing fast as we are growing fast!!

Microblading resources

   All you wanted to know about microblading
   Microblading vs permanent tattooing
   How to prepare for the microblading procedure?
   What to do and what to avoid after the microblading procedure?
   What tools are used in the microblading procedure?
   What is the right prize for the microblading service?

Some samples

Order microblading

What happens, when you order PhiBrows microblading procedure from here?

1. Our representative will contact you. Our client support representative will contact you on the next business day after you have made the payment and she will book an appointment time that is suitable for you. If you wish to have an appointment with our leading microblading professional Ereth, please mention this when discussing the appointment time.

2. Appointment in a private salon. On the day of the appointment our microblading professional will be waiting for you in the salon in private. This means that there are no other people in our special microblading salon at that time to guarantee maximum comfort for you and to enable our professional concentrate on you 100%.

3. Consultation and preparation. First, our professional will give you a full overview of the microblading procedure and listen to all your ideas and desires regarding your eyebrows. She will answer all your questions and explain all you need to know in detail.

4. Eyebrow design and color selection. Secondly, our micrbloading professional will design your eyebrow shape. This means that using the pro-tools of PhiBrows a flawless and perfect eyebrow shape will be drawn on your existing brows. You can see the design before actual microblading starts and this enables you to get a crystal-clear picture of how your new brows are going to look like. After that the right color is chosen. This means that our microblading professional will present you the most suitable colors taking into account the natural color of your hair and eyebrows. You can have your word and the PhiBrows pigment with the most suitable color is chosen. 

5. The PhiBrows blading procedure. Thirdly, our microblading professional will perform an actual microblading procedure. This means that she will use the PhiBrows microblading technique to deliver the pigment into the surface layers of your skin on your brows. 

6. Aftercare instructions. After the procedure you will get a full overview as well as written materials on how to take care of your new PhiBrows microbladed brows. You will also get personal contact information of the professional that worked with you and whenever you have any questions you can turn to her.

7. Retouching and staying in touch. We will have a touchup procedure within a month from the initial microblading procedure. Our ProBrows microblading professional will contact you directly regarding the touchup appointment and she will use our online booking system to set it up with you at the time that is convenient for you. 

All of our microblading professionals speak flawless English and are accustomed to work with clients from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia and from all of the Baltic countries.

We are looking forward to meeting you :)