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Fullglam Brow Design training

The Problem: Yesterday's brow-design classes just teach the basic techniques but do not actually have a large effect on you much money you start making with the new skills.

The Solution: 
Our FullGlam Brows concept is a completely new approach to brow business that concentrates on you starting to earn more money.

Why is FullGlam better than other approached to brow-design?

  • It's faster! Serve more customers during your day - make more money. The process of FullGlam is so optimized it gets the flawless result quicker.

  • It's trendy! A growing number of women from Hollywood stars to Forbes featured business-tycoons love FullGlam brows.

  • Always finalized!Finalized to perfection! Client leaves with one of the FullGlam beautiful brow-makeup styles: Natural, Classic or Ultimate.

  • It's easy to sell! With the a complete set of FullGlam marketing materials and online presence the clients will sell it to themselves.

  • It's profitable! FullGlam is more profitable! Clients want to pay more for absolute precision, super-sharp lines and naturally enhanced beauty.

  • And obviously it's professional! All the materials, media support, campaigns and products are well thought through and of the highest quality.

  • No months of waiting for a certificate to put the learned skills into use! You can literally start the next day!

    What are the three parts of the training?

  • Anatomy of brow-hair and skin.
  • How to boost brow-hair growth?
  • How to design a perfect brow?
  • Brow trends now and in the future.
  • 10 most common brow-mistakes.
  • Different face- and brow types.
  • Tools used for FullGlam brows.

  • Skills
    • Preparation for FullGlam brows.
    • Practical process of creating FullGlam brows: applying brow design, waxing, tweezing, threading, makeup.
    • Aftercare of FullGlam brows.
    • Personal practicing on a model.

  • Most common mistakes in brow-business.
  • How to get more customers?
  • How to sell your services with higher prizes?
  • Brow PR and boosting yourself.

  • What are FullGlam makeup styles?

    What exactly will you get from this training?

    FullGlam Certificate.
    You will receive a beautiful laminated FullGlam Brow Artist certificate. This is a nice piece of art that you can show off with pride as a proof of your FullGlam brow skills.

    FullGlam Workbook.
    We take great pride in giving all the students a complete and professional workbook. It will be your "user manual" for brow-design and brow business for years.

    FullGlam Brow-makeup Samples.
    To enable you to show your clients what will their new brows look like with FullGlam Natural, Classic or Ultimate style, you are welcome to use those materials.

    Starter Kit.
    Our starter kit contains all you need to get started: ProBrows tweezers(2), Waxing system, Threading system, Eyebrow tint kit (2 colors), highlighter,  ProBrows brow pencils (2). Value: 95€.


    In Estonia: Buy FullGlam Brow trainings in Tallinn

    In Finland: Buy FullGlam Brow trainings in Tallinn