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Billion Is Doable


Are you the kind of girl who does not settle for less? Do you aim for the stars? We mean, that do you actually believe you can do it? Are you tired of swinging for the fences and you want to swing for Mars? Do you want accomplish something only a few can? Yes, you do! Don't be shy! Don't settle for a million with 'M'. Start your own revolution and march for the billion with a 'B'. BILLION IS DOABLE when you believe that it is. No matter if you enter negotiations with an investor or a business partner make clear what you are after and what you believe to be realistic without even saying a word.

Our signature rounded corner fist design raises Fidel Castro or Super Mario style to the sky crushing the clouds as you fly up like an Iron-man-female version with a cape. Billion is doable. You are worth it. Do not settle for less. IPO or nothing! Go for it! Come out of the closet and show the world what you really want!