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Binaural Beauty Sound System

A collection of specially engineered binaural sounds that can be used to help your clients relax and to transform your mental states. 

It has been scientifically established that binaural sound has a significant effect on the human brain. Several studies have proven that sounds engineered in a specific way target different brain areas and if used to a sufficient extent cause even changes in brain structure, activity levels, and size of different brain areas. Depending on the technology used and the wave-length of such sounds a person can improve her concentration ability, experience less stress, reduce anxiety, feel and act more creatively and meditate much more easily. As the health of the mind has also been one of the factors that affect aging, Everyoung Corp has pioneered studying and engineering several sound therapy forms.



When it comes to the actual science of binaural sounds the facts speak for themselves. Namely, several studies have proven repeatedly that the human brain will start synchronizing its brainwave frequencies as a result of external stimuli, of which the auditive stimuli are the most effective. In short, this means that the human brain can be affected by sounds, which in turn will have a great influence on the state of mind of the person. That phenomenon is often referred to as brainwave entrainment. No matter how deep it sounds, the idea is simple: 3D music and binaural sounds will have a great influence on how your brain works, more specifically what is the timespan in between different synapses fire inside your brain. If for example, this is slowed down as the periodical beats in sounds affecting the brain are slower, the person will just calm down and be in a different state of mind. As often also the brain synapses firing timespan is considerably slower whilst the person sleeps, that state can be reached 'mechanically' bombarding the brain with sound specially engineered for that.