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Coffee + BrowJob


Are you original? Are you a coffee lover? Are you just a little bit naughty? Exactly! This shirt says it all! Simplistic yet impossible to pass! Having second thoughts? With that shirt on be prepared to get tons of funny glances and those expressions you've seen in cartoons ('like whaaaaat?!') This shirt is a mystery! In a way it just says that you are a coffee lover and have done or have had a browjob on a second much more subtle way it gets people confused. Is she referring to some other job? Wth? 

Imagine yourself walking into the room with that sort of swag on, having Starbuck Macchiato in one hand and then NOT even asking everyone: "Can you break a hundy?" with that Hyper-Fonzie-Coolness
 but just looking at the people that way. Now, that's the vibe we're talking about! And that's the vibe you'll own with this shirt!