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Golden Ratio Measuring Tool

The SharpBrows Golden-ratio measuring tool

This measuring tool is used to measure the exact correct shape of the brow. The width between its levers is based on a historical golden ratio division: 1,61803... This simply means that parts of the line that is divided in two have ideal lengths if the length of the line divided by the length of longer part equals the division of the longer part and the shorter part. The only way to achieve that proportion is if the shorter part (b) is 0.382 and the longer part (a) 0.618 parts of one whole.

Measuring brows with this tool

This ratio has been widely used in architecture, art, mathematics and other fields since 490 BC. Although the field of brow design has contributed nothing to it, designing brow shape can be made easier re-checking the proportions using the golden ratio tool. During the SharpBrows 2-day intensive training you'll learn how to measure the shape of the brow with the golden ratio tool.