Light microblading training - extension 1 year – Google Maps Multiple Markers

Light microblading training - extension 1 year

What shall you get?

The training contains professional workbooks and videos, where trainers explain you in detail the following:

  1. How to map the points of the brow.

  2. How to create correct symmetric outlines.

  3. How to divide the brow into sections.

  4. How to choose the correct backbone.

  5. How to fill in the brow sections: beginning lines, transition, lower lines, upper lines.

  6. How to prepare the tools.

  7. How to create the first phase - light technique.

  8. How to retouch the lines so that the pigment gets in.

  9. How to retouch the brows at the second session.

  10. How to market the microblading service and find customers.