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Dropout Hustler (For Him) Tee


The story of Dropout Hustler (For Him)
You surely know what is in common when it comes to many successful doers from Lady Gaga to Steve Jobs. They are all college dropouts. And it's nothing to be ashamed of! As a matter of fact it's something that may well be an integral ingredient of a true success-story, but only if you combine it with... Exactly! Hustler attitude. BrowSwag DROPOUT HUSTLER Tee celebrates the successful mindset of truly investable entrepreneurs using our classic simplicity to enable you to show the world what you're all about. The rounded corner arrow goes up and to the right (obviously) being a perfect finishing touch to your proud message.

An ideal gift for everyone who chooses the glorious path of a dropout to start hustlin' and become the boss of her former classmates and why not also professors. That is the way it goes. That is the circle of life! That's what the investors like! That's what's gonna change the world! No more modesty and slowdowns, it's up and right form here on! Let's take over the world! Let's become the new rich DROPOUT HUSTLERS!
Buying Dropout Hustler (For Him) tee you’ll get one very hight quality t-shirt. it is made of 95% cotton and 5% elastin that makes it fit you much better than just a full cotton shirt. It is specially designed to women and thus you look much better in it than in unisex shirts. The print on the shirt is of the best quality possible - you can stretch, pull and wash the shirt ANY WAY you desire and with any teperature - the print lasts probably longer than the shirt itself. We make no compromises when it comes to the quality or materials or printing technology.

'Dropout Hustler (For Him)' belongs to the collection 'BROW SWAG CLASSIC'.
BROW SWAG CLASSIC represents the classic brave attitude every girl should have. It’s our core line that delivers the broadest range of messages that are universally effective in all the fields of action imaginable. The nucleus of BROW SWAG CLASSIC is being able to pick yourself up off the ground no matter what happens. By being a true believer in yourself even if no one else does, allows you to find some indescribable magic every day that helps you to revitalize your superpowers as an unbeatable girl. BROW SWAG CLASSIC sights confidence, power, bravery and endless swagger.