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Light series Warm Brown

Light series WARM BROWN. Those pigments can be used well for traditional microblading and light microblading. It is the thinnest, most liquid pigment that allows it to easily pour into the strokes made with the blade. Pigments can be mixed with a thickener. Can well be used without thickener. 

Good, basic pigment that meets all the standards set for microblading pigments in Europe. Shake well before use. The pigment contains 15 ml quality pigment. When making microblading you will use that more for completing the procedure compared to premium series and Gen2 pigments - on the other hand, its' price is exceptionally good! 

Pigment is liquid. Not tested on animals. Does not contain heavy metals. 

All disposable products are never refunded. Please read the terms of service you accept when ordering products: Terms of Service.

Depending on the concrete product series, the pigments may contain carbon, iron oxide or Isopropyl alcohol.

Do not use for PMU or Tattoo!
Use only for training on synthetic skin.
This color not according to new REACH2022 regulation.