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R.I.P. Competición Black Widow


There are situations in business and in life when you need to pull out the big guns. Wether is is making clear what you want in business, motivating your team to go against a giant with tens of thousands of times more funding or just showing some ignorant bitch where she belongs (among the dead), this shirt is just perfect for such occasion. Powered by the BLACK WIDOW symbol (the most venomous spider on Earth) and a Spanish version of the word 'competition' this creative power-armor inspired by Sergio Leone Spaghetti western stand-off situations, is bound to terrify any opponent you encounter. Just try it and you'll see how many levels it plays on and what effect it has!

Girls who've used it have told that it does the trick far better than anything else - and what's even better, you don't even have to say anything, just show up and let it doe the talking for you. Your allies are united, your army becomes stronger than ever, you are hailed as the leader who is able to take command and your competitors... Well, let them just Rest In Piece. It's one of the power-weapons of our arsenal and it must be used wisely. As they say, you can literally kill with this thing! What sort of psychological warfare can they put out when you shut them down with that?! They've got nothing on you! Hail to the true leader and R.I.P COMPETICIÓN!