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Respect Cash


BrowSwag classic 'Respect Cash' tee delivers the message loud and clear wether you're negotiating with a customer or a large investor. No more bullshit! No more crazy-complicated deals! No more more messing around with convertible notes or block-chain when there's a simple alternative. Respect cash! Cash is the king and queen that run this planet and you better get it! No matter what they say, that's the spirit that brings happiness to this world. You're far better off having and loving cash than trying to pay your bills with zen. Many have asked how we came up with that supremely simple and yet cutting-edge message. Well, we have to admit that the first glimpse of inspiration that lead to this slogan, came to us from the past. Namely, already for a very very long time there has been a TV show in the states (and formerly in Canada) called Shark Tank where Mr. Kevin O'Leary used to say: "Never disrespect the Cash!". We took what Kevin said, added some of our magic, girl-powered it up and... buya... there is was: RESPECT CASH!

A beautiful combo of this simple message with our signature rounded red heart and trademark vertical NEW YORK logo. Whenever you need to show your approach to doing business just point at your shirt and people get it. Life is simple. Do your thing. Be professional. Get paid. And RESPECT CASH!