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Sorry I'm Bossy


This shirt is for the boss or better yet for the girl with such attitude. A beautiful combination of a somewhat ironic statement "Sorry" and a specially designed sign of money is an excellent way to bring some humor and stamina to your working place. If you're in a position where you have at least one employee that reports to you, well then it's a no-brainer! Most probably there are days when you feel bossy and you should not be ashamed of that at all!

By the way we have found out that by wearing this shirt you can get away with a lot of behavior that would otherwise be considered annoyingly bossy. That shirt helps you to be bossy the right way! And another bonus-idea: if you need to raise the self-esteem of someone that is in command - give her that shit and a hefty Christmas-bonus is guaranteed! All Girlbosses and all other bosses love to get this tee!