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Special Solution: Luxe Ombre Lips + Hyaluron Pen training + kits booking fee


Special price for both trainings and both kits is 999 eur.
This is a booking payment of 350 eue that will be discounted from that price. 


Please see all the details below.




Luxe Ombre Lips:







1. The full online training.


2. The training consists of workbooks and videos (the platform also contains suggestions regarding explaining service to insurance, marketing materials etc). Yes, all videos are in English and those are playback videos that allow you to watch those where you want and when you want.


3. After watching videos and studying materials, it is possible to do the test with one of our trainers(she is able to see what you have watched, opened, for how long, which videos until the end, etc), and if you successfully complete that, also get a certificate.


4. The platform is updated constantly and I can confirm that it gives by far the best knowledge in the world regarding the hyaluron pen - I believe that the best thing about it is the range. It contains very many aspects regarding skin, anatomy, aging, marketing techniques - you name it.


5. After the training, the students can also ask questions and receive many updates of the platform.


At the moment you can sign up for online training - the most popular in the world.

There is a lot of material that you can learn:

lip mapping



treating smile line

nose enhancement


treating wrinkles


product loss and how to avoid it

sales and marketing and much more.


The training works so that you can learn from any device any time, anywhere at your own pace.


At the online training also different pens are discussed and explained.


When proceeding and joining the training you agree that you have read and understood the terms of service here: www.hyaluronpen.vip/terms