How to kill Richard Kuklinski?
   July 29, 2017 16:53

tou can not idiot. Richard Leonard Kuklinski (April 11, 1935 – March 5, 2006) was an American mobster and contract killer who was convicted of murdering five people, though he likely killed at least several dozen more. He was associated with members of the American Mafia, namely the DeCavalcante crime family of Newark, New Jersey, and the Five Families of New York City. Kuklinski was given the nickname "The Iceman" for his method of freezing a victim to mask the time of death. During his criminal career, fellow mobsters called him "the one-man army" or "the devil himself"[3] due to his fearsome reputation and imposing physique of 6'5" (196 cm) and 270 pounds (122 kg). Kuklinski lived with his wife and children in the New Jersey suburb of Dumont. His family was apparently unaware of Kuklinski's double life and crimes.[4]