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7075675725   December 12, 2018 04:44

1. Starting points of upper and lower lines should be symmetrical. Big asymmetry when it comes to lower lines.

2. All main lines should have extra lines.

3. The pattern could be more Light microblading style (as added sample) - lines divided into smaller and shorter.

4. The upper lines cannot be that long (as some are).

5. The end should be even thinner. the last lower lines should be higher or should not have been done at all.

6. First curvy lines are too long - those areas should be solved with larger number of smaller lines.

7. Some of the lines are too thick and when retouching the blade should hit them more precisely. 

8. Lowwer lines section should be a bit higher and upper lines section thinner.

7075675725   November 23, 2018 17:08

First of all, this brow is excellent. The shape and direction of the lines is very good.

Still there are some things it lacks to be passed. 

1. The tail section of the brow is a little bit too thick (one lower line is not needed).

2. The last upper lines are extremely long - those should be much shorter.

3. Not all upper lines seem to have extra lines.

4. The brow should ne filled in more in the centre and tail section. 

5. The backbone is too low - the vertical space for the upper lines should be smaller.

6. Not all lower lines have correct extra lines - extra lines should be symmetrical and start higher than the main lines. 

7. Starting points of the lower lines should be more symmetrical.

8. The number of upper lines should be greater (in Light microblading, for example, normal count is 10). 

Otherwise, the brow looks nice and is beautiful!

223924944936   November 23, 2018 16:57

This in sufficient to pass.

Still a couple of suggestions:

1. Starting lines should be filled in more. 
2. The brow is just a little bit too thick in the tail section.
3. The first upper line seems not to have an extra line.
4. The brow should be filled in some more.

Otherwise, it is totally good European ONE brow. You should also try Light microblading brows. 

7075675725   November 16, 2018 05:51

This is very good brow. However, to pass the following is needed:

1. Please choose a picture that is not done on top of a pigmented brow.
2. Please use beginnings that are more similar to Light microblading patterns and are not that much horizontal.
3. Starting points of the upper lines must be much closer to each other so that the upper part of the brow was closed. At the moment there are symmetry problems and the upper part is not closed - gaps are too large. One upper line even starts after the previous one has ended - each next one should start around 1/3 to 1/2 on too of the previous one.
4. There are quite remarkable problems with lower lines starting points symmetry. Some of the gaps are extremely large. 
5. Some of the extra lines seem to be missing to both upper and lower main lines.

Otherwise, it is no doubt a great progress compared to the initial situation.

223924944936   November 16, 2018 05:49

<p>This is already really beautiful. The shape etc is very good. However, there are 3 issues why it is not incredible:</p>
<p>1. Either the lower extra lines are missing or the gap between the main lines is too large. Please make it smaller or add extra lines.</p>
<p>2. Some of the starting points of the upper lines are too far apart from each other. The upper part of the brow should be closed in a better way.<br /><br />3. The lines in the tail section of the brow must be directed SOLELY towards the end of the brow - pt no 3. At the moment some of those lines go too downwards. In this sample red is for main lines and blue is for extra lines. </p>

6689927949   August 16, 2018 04:19

This is a very good example of Europe ONE brow shape and you can be passed to have completed all levels. There are minor suggestions: 

1. The pattern can be filled in more - the starting points of the upper lines can be closer to each other. 

2. Upper lines could be even flatter and more horizontal to flow onto the backbone better. 

Otherwise, it is an excellent example of Europe one pattern and you have completed all levels! 

5172366349   August 16, 2018 03:52

This is a very good example of Europe ONE brow shape and you can be passed to have completed all levels. There are minor suggestions: 

1. The pattern can be filled in more.

2. The lines could be even sharped when retouched (in some places retouching the lines has made them a bit wider).

3. The upper lines around pt 2 are quite long, maybe 2 lines instead of 1 long would be better.

4. In after pictures eyes should be open.