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587568316495   November 23, 2018 17:31

This pattern looks absolutely beautiful. Still, there are some things that could be better. 

The ends of the lower lines should turn a bit more horizontal, on top of the backbone. 

It's easier to fill in the pattern if the section left for the upper lines is vertically shorter. 

587568316495   November 16, 2018 05:55

This is really good. However, to get passes the following should be taken into account:

1. The lower lines should always be bent on top of the back bone. At the moment the tips are facing too upwards.

2. Extra lines should always connect to the end points of the main lines (at the moment those connect too early).

3. Lowe lines starting points symmetry is missing. Starting points should be symmetrical and not wary. It also seems that some of the extra lines are missing to lower main lines.

4. In the tail section of the brow all lines should be directed towards point no 3. At the moment some of those are directed too low. 

5. Upper line symmetry is too much different. The staring points should be symmetrical.

Otherwise really really good progress!

6465240333   November 9, 2018 07:24

As a whole this pattern looks nice and can be passed. However, there are some quite important mistakes.

- Symmetry problems between lower main lines.

- Some of the upper extra lines are too short.

- Upper lines can shorten after pt np 2. 

- There should ne nicely curved lines in the beginning.

- The tail section should be closed with lines coming from within the brow, not some extra lower-lines.

Still, as has been said, the overall pattern looks ok. 

435552452648   November 9, 2018 06:52

This pattern has some mistakes, however you are passed to the next level. 


1. the longest line of the transition and the first upper line should form a nice curve - not an angel.

2. All main lines should have an extra line! The last lower main line doesn't have one.

3. Extra lines in between the lines (in the lower section) should always connect to main lines, not hang in there without touching those. 

7075675725   September 27, 2018 06:08

You are passed to the next level. However, there are minor mistakes in the pattern:

1. Lower main lines and their extra lines should curve on top of the backbone. At the moment many of those are headed too upwards. 

2. The tail of the brows (pt 3) should be a bit higher. In Light microblading the ending point is almost at the same level as pt 1. 

3. Some of your extra lines do not connect to endpoints of the main lines! Thouse should always connect (and continue to backbone) because otherwise it looks as if the extra line is missing entirely. 

4. Some of the upper lines (around pt 2) are too long. (I.e. in Light microblading there should fit around 10 main upper lines there). 

Still, the pattern as a whole looks classy and natural and you are passed.

223924944936   August 30, 2018 02:58

This is already a very good pattern - there are some things still that could be better - please take this into account.

1. The hight of the ending point should be a bit higher. At the moment it is a bit too low. Although it can be between the horizontal lines from points 1 and 4, it would be a bit better if it was higher up, closer to pt no 1 line. 

2. There is a minor symmetry flaw regarding the staring points of the lower lines. Those should be totally symmetric. 

3. Extra lines (upper fillers)( should be a bit longer. Those should always touch (or go very close) to the ending points of the main lines (or previous fillers) and continue on top of the back bone. 

4. Upper extra lines should start a bit higher up because then the brow looks even better after having healed. 

5. The third line of the 3-line combination should be curved the same way as all the others of the transition.

6. The first upper line should start a bit closer to the ending of the highest line in transition (the gap should be smaller).

7. The tail section of the brow should be filled with lines coming more from the inside of the brow - at the moment the last line (marked with red) at the tail section starts too low.

Compared to the overall level, this is of course superb. Still, please it would be greatly appreciated if you made one without those minor flaws to be escalated to the next level. 

5172366349   April 15, 2018 06:30


Note! Direction of the first upper lines must be point nr 6.

6689927949   April 7, 2018 07:18

It looks nice and is OK but is it done with microblading blade or with pencil? Seems like pencil. Pattern must be done with blade.

5172366349   April 6, 2018 08:30

Upper lines are not heading to point nr 6 and the lines are too much crossing with lower lines.

If you make beginning lines more arched then it would be nicer.

6689927949   March 30, 2018 03:10

It looks OK but is it drawn to the artificial skin with the pencil?

Upper lines should be closer to each other.

5172366349   March 23, 2018 09:42

Not OK. Please compare line to line with sample in level 8. Some lines are double and not smooth enough (S-shaped beginnings). Main upper lines are in different level. Transition is not entirely correct. Last lower line should not go until the end.

6689927949   March 23, 2018 03:15

Upper lines should begin more from top of each other. Fillers are crossing or going too much together on spine. Some fillers bended in wrong way.
Lower fillers must remain in the middle of main lines - yours are beginning correctly but are going to close to next main line.
According to Europe 1 pattern spine is not correct. Check the sample in Level 8.

5619340045   February 14, 2018 11:20

Sorry about the delay. There was some kind of misunderstaning with your work.

Combo is not correct and you can not make upper lines like that.